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Rules and Regulations


Deadline for APPLY to Gabriel Fauré MUSIC WORLD COMPETITION is August 31th, 2024.

For the Preliminary round (FREE ENTRY) each Participant has to submit a  video/videos recording of their performances. (YouTube, Vimeo or similar link/s)  on our page titled “FREE ENTRY”. The program for the Preliminary round is free. Repertoire is at Free choice at the contestant (one or more pieces) . The performance should be solo, with piano accompaniment or performance with orchestra.

Duration of the program for every category:

Little Stars – born in 2017 and younger – up to 7 minutes

Kids – born in 2016/2015 – up to 7 minutes

Young I – born in 2014/2013 – up to 10 minutes

Young II – born in 2012/2011 – up to 10 minutes

Junior I – born in 2010/2009 – up to 12 minutes

Junior II – born in 2008/2007 – up to 12 minutes

Intermediate – born in 2006/2005 – up to 15 minutes

Advanced A – born in 2004/2003 – up to 15 minutes

Advanced B – born in 2002/2001 – up to 15 minutes

Master A – born in 2000/1999 – up to 25 minutes

Master B – born in 1998/1997 – up to 25 minutes

Professional – born in 1996 and older – up to 25 minutes

For the discipline of Chamber Music, the category will be determined by the average age.

(Example: age membe 1 + member 2 + member 3: 3 = the result determinate the category).

The Participants who will pass to the Final Round can use the same video from the preliminary round or they can change it. Only those who are selected in the qualifying round (initial screening) are entitled to advance to the final round.


The qualifying Participants will receive an email notification with instructions on how to proceed to the final round including the payment of the € 85,00 Contribution to the Administrative Processing Fee.

Parents must approve use of minors name on website and social media.

Contestants allow the Gabriel Fauré MUSIC WORLD COMPETITION to use their materials (photos and video recordings) on the internet and on CD and DVD with no possibility to ask for financial remuneration.

The videos will be judged by an international Jury, made by some of the most renowed musicians, professors, composers and artistic directors from all over the world. There are special Rules that the Jury has to follow. The organization guarantee a minimum of three judges who will be evaluating the audition materials. All Jury decisions are anonymous, final and irrevocable. The contestants (if they request) will receive detailed and considered feedback about their complete performance from each Jury member.

The duration of the program for the final rounds is the same of the Preliminary round (you can use the same video).

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